what can I take to make my breast bigger?
it is a 100 years old question

1.Pueraria mirifica before and after photos

Don’t count on them – “before and after” are photos used by plastic surgeons as a legal proof for the customer as well as demonstration of expected results after physically altering the tissues. The Pueraria Mirifica is the herbal supplement and results vary from person to person greatly. Furthermore, since 2005 we haven’t seen or witnessed any “actual” or “real” before and after photo session related to Pueraria Mirifica. Most were taken from plastic surgeon sites or simply “photoshop’ed”.

2.Buy pueraria mirifica UK, USA, Canada, Australia..?

Pueraria Mirifica grows in Thailand, but being sold over multiple sites as “made in USA”, “From UK” and so on. The basic common sense is to avoid extra charges and get the freshest product you should consider to buy it straight from the origin – from Thailand. This is the only way to get Better Deal and better value for your money. Makes sense, right?

3.Fancy mirifica: nano, extract, serum, cream, soap?

These are all gimmicks, not even worth looking closer. However lets de-cypher these “fancy” products: Nano – means nano-size of active ingredient, used in hi-end nanotechnology. Impossible for the skin product, do they use nano lasers to control the size of PM molecules? Thought so. Extract – complexed process of chemical extraction from natural herb into pure active ingredient and binding it with natural base, like resins, fillers, sugar etc. It is quite expensive and should be in a form of tablets or vials for IV. Serum – complete “vanilla”! Its something left in your cup of tea after you removed T-bag. Also we can call it decoction = herbal tea. Useless and dangerous as any serum should be kept less than 12 hrs and consumes immediately. Cream? Just funny how is possible to penetrate the skin and layers of body fat to activate breast growth? If only it be possible, all boys will be very well equipped/endowed down below within few months. No, it doesn’t do. Soap? – last and the funniest thing “Your breast grows while you’re washing yourself. More you wash – bigger it grows”. No comments

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