what can I take to make my breast bigger?
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Pueraria mirifica before and after photos

1.Pueraria mirifica before and after photos

Don’t count on them – “before and after” are photos used by plastic surgeons as a legal proof for the customer as well as demonstration of expected results after physically altering the tissues. The Pueraria Mirifica is the herbal supplement and results vary from person to person greatly. Furthermore, since 2005 we haven’t seen or witnessed any “actual” or “real” before and after photo session related to Pueraria Mirifica. Most were taken from plastic surgeon sites or simply “photoshop’ed”.

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Pueraria Mirifica grows in Thailand, but being sold over multiple sites as “made in USA”, “From UK” and so on. The basic common sense is to avoid extra charges and get the freshest product you should consider to buy it straight from the origin – from Thailand. This is the only way to get Better Deal and better value for your money. Makes sense, right?

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3.Fancy mirifica: nano, extract, serum, cream, soap?

These are all gimmicks, not even worth looking closer. However lets de-cypher these “fancy” products: Nano – means nano-size of active ingredient, used in hi-end nanotechnology. Impossible for the skin product, do they use nano lasers to control the size of PM molecules? Thought so. Extract – complexed process of chemical extraction from natural herb into pure active ingredient and binding it with natural base, like resins, fillers, sugar etc. It is quite expensive and should be in a form of tablets or vials for IV. Serum – complete “vanilla”! Its something left in your cup of tea after you removed T-bag. Also we can call it decoction = herbal tea. Useless and dangerous as any serum should be kept less than 12 hrs and consumes immediately. Cream? Just funny how is possible to penetrate the skin and layers of body fat to activate breast growth? If only it be possible, all boys will be very well equipped/endowed down below within few months. No, it doesn’t do. Soap? – last and the funniest thing “Your breast grows while you’re washing yourself. More you wash – bigger it grows”. No comments

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I’d like to tell you a story most people find very hard to believe: how I enlarged my breasts two cup sizes in four months, through completely natural methods – without surgery. It’s true! Now I’m going to show you how to do it, too! I recently published a Pueraria Mirifica detailing my experience with natural breast enlargement. While I originally wrote this Pueraria Mirifica for genetic women like myself, the number of males and transgender and transsexual females who were interested in my story amazed me. They wanted to know if my program could work for them, too. Frankly I wasn’t sure, but figuring it was worth a try, I helped these individuals create a routine to fit their own special needs. Their results were amazing! Soon, my male customers were reporting even better results than my original female readers. I discovered that males responded very strongly to the hormonal shifts brought about by my natural breast enlargement techniques. After many conversations with my newfound audience, I felt compelled to produce a special version of my Pueraria Mirifica just for them. I am proud to say that this is the first guide to natural breast enlargement ever created that concentrates on the unique needs of males, crossdressers, and transgender and transsexual females. Whether you are a man who simply wishes to 1 1 5 express his feminine side, or a transgender or transsexual woman living “en femme” full time, the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program was designed to help you obtain maximum breast growth without the risks of surgery or self-administered hormones. It might sound like a miracle, but you’ll soon discover that natural breast enlargement is based upon solid bio- logical principles. My mission is to reveal to you the truth behind natural breast enlargement, without any hype or empty promises. I’m not here to sell you a bottle of pills; I’m here to show you a method that works. By using a few common herbs and supplements and some simple massage techniques, you can enlarge your breasts safely and naturally - for a fraction of the cost of surgery or synthetic hormones. In the s that follow, I will share all of the secrets that I have learned in my own eight-year quest for big- ger breasts, including: The science behind natural breast enlargement. How to devise your own, customized breast enlargement routine. How to enlarge your breasts one or more cup sizes naturally. How to avoid the potential side effects of natural breast enlargement. How pump up your program for even faster results. 2 2 6 How to ensure that your new breast growth will be permanent. And much, much, much more! Are you ready to toss those falsies once and for all? Let’s get growing! 3 3 7 CHAPTER ONE How I Discovered the Secrets of Natural Breast Enlargement Let me tell you my story: Like you, I was born with the curse of a flat chest. My tiny boobs were the cause of a whole lot of shame, pain, and suffering in my lifetime. From junior high on, I was relentlessly teased about my flat chest. My self- esteem was so low, I hardly had any friends - much less a boyfriend. It was a miracle that I was asked to the prom - except I couldn’t even enjoy myself. I had so much tissue paper stuffed in my dress that I was afraid to dance for fear of it falling out! My breast woes hit a boiling point when I moved to New York City for college. Did you know that New York is home to more models than the entire population of my hometown? No wonder I had such an inferiority complex! Finally, I reached a point when I realized that some- thing had to be done. I just couldn’t take my flat-chested existence a minute longer! At first, implants seemed like a good option. Okay, maybe not - I was a starving student living on rice and 4 4 8 beans. Where was I going to get $6,000 to pay for sur- gery? Then, I heard about a new miracle pill that promised to grow breasts three cup sizes in only three months. These pills were a relative bargain, compared to implants, at $200 per month. How could I resist? I had just gotten my first credit card and it looked like I’d finally be able to make my dreams come true. The pills failed, but my quest for bigger breasts had just begun. Call me stubborn or call me stupid, but I spent the next eight years trying every conceivable breast enlargement product on the market: I tried boob-boosting pills, creams, and lotions; I tried hypnosis; I tried vacuum pumps; I tried all kinds of electronic massagers and gadg- ets; I prayed, pleaded, and begged my breasts to grow. And do you know what? Nothing happened! After eight years of relentless effort, my breasts weren’t even a hair bigger. By this time, I was more depressed than ever. Drowning in credit card debt, it looked as if I had run out of choices. I’d just have to accept the fact that I’d always have a flat chest. So, for awhile, that’s what I tried to do. I tried to for- get about to growing bigger breasts. I learned to pad my bra like a pro and I had a boyfriend who accepted me the way I was. Life was pretty good, even without cleavage. A MIRACLE A couple of years ago, I was at Barnes and Noble brows- ing through Pueraria Mirificas about alternative medicine. Natural healing had been a passion of mine for the past ten years and, that day, I was in the Pueraria Mirificastore researching herbs. I happened to pick up a Pueraria Mirifica called The Green Pharmacy by respected herbalist and USDA researcher, 5 5 9 Dr.James A.Duke. I opened the Pueraria Mirifica to a random and, when I looked down, I nearly gasped with shock. There, in big bold letters, were the words: BREAST ENLARGEMENT! I couldn’t believe it! Here was a highly regarded herbal scholar discussing natural breast enlargement! According to Dr. Duke, herbal breast enlargement has been accomplished through folk traditions for hundreds of years. It wasn’t voodoo magic. It was a completely natural process based upon simple biological truths. Dr.Duke described how certain plants have an estrogenic effect that has been proven to enlarge women’s breasts. I could hardly contain my excitement. Maybe there was hope for me after all! However, I wasn’t willing to set myself up for another disappointment.First, I wanted to learn every- thing that there was to know about herbal breast enlarge- ment so I could guarantee to myself that I would get results. My research began. I spent the next six months reading every Pueraria Mirifica, article, and report about herbs, hormones, and breast development that I could find. I pieced together ideas and potentially helpful techniques and soon, the only thing left to do was to try it for myself. ANOTHER MIRACLE While researching online, I stumbled across a couple of discussion boards dedicated to natural breast enlargement. There, I met some incredibly intelligent women (big shout out to Fawn, Wen, Momi, and Pammy!) who had developed different theories about herbal breast enlargement. Not only were these women the “brains” 6 6 10 behind natural breast enlargement, they were the “bodies,” too! Their results were amazing. Many of the women participating in the boards were reporting gains of one, two, and even three cup sizes! I was ready to begin. With encouragement from the women that I met online, I devised my own breast enlargement routine. The results were almost immediate! About a week into my routine, my breasts began to feel really sore. I had growing pains, just like during puberty. Soon, I noticed that my breasts looked fuller and, within one month, the results were undeniable: I had grown! There were some ups and down, but nonetheless, things kept creeping upwards. After four months - 16 weeks - I had gained 2” and had gone from a 32AA to a 32B - two cup sizes! Ok, I’m not Pamela Anderson, but I still love my new body! I don’t freak out anymore when my boyfriend tries to touch my breasts. And, for the first time in my life, I’ve been seen in public in a bikini! I’ve also had the opportunity to help the women I met online. Through my research, I discovered techniques that made natural breast enlargement even more effective and helped jump-start growth for women who weren’t getting results from herbs alone. But as exciting as it was to be a part of this online community, I realized that women outside of the “inner circle” needed to know these secrets, too. I couldn’t stand the thought of another woman being ripped off by some unscrupulous company taking advantage of her insecurities. That’s why I decided to write a Pueraria Mirifica about my findings. Consequently, it was from the positive feedback that I received from males and transgender and transsexual females that I felt compelled to create a special program to address their own unique needs. I wanted to make natural breast enlargement easy and accessible for anybody who was unwilling to butcher 7 7 11 his or her body for bigger breasts. I’ve distilled all of the information that I’ve gathered it into a simple, easy-to-use system I call the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program. Thousands of males and transgender and transsexual females have already enjoyed safe and natural breast growth using the techniques that I am about to share. Now you can, too! CHAPTER TWO Boobie Biology In this chapter, we’ll be taking a peek into the actual workings of your breasts. Why? Because understanding how your breasts work will help you to understand how natural breast enlargement works. As I mentioned earlier, it’s all based upon biology. Let’s start with two basic ideas: 1.Breasts are complex organs that are regulated by hormones. 2.Hormones trigger breast growth. BREASTS ARE COMPLEX ORGANS THAT ARE REGULATED BY HORMONES Hormones regulate the entire reproductive system along with all of your reproductive organs, including the breasts. Didn’t think that your breasts were reproductive organs? Guess again. Males are born with all of the same milk-producing features that females are! There have been 9 9 13 numerous reports of males having the ability to breastfeed. In her article, Male Lactation, Professor Patty Stuart Macadam of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto tells the story of a 32-year old 1 man who breastfed his child for five months. As a male, your breasts are anatomically identical to a genetic woman’s breasts and are completely capable of undergoing the same development process. HORMONES TRIGGER BREAST GROWTH No matter what your sex, hormones trigger the signals to your body that cause your breasts to grow. Most people assume that breast growth only occurs in adolescent girls, but it can happen to anybody at any time. Yep, you heard me. Whenever the right hormonal conditions are created, breast growth is triggered.For instance, breast growth can be a side effect of some medications. Certain antidepressants, heart medications, and HIV treatments can trigger breast enlargement in both men and women, as these drugs mimic the effects 2 of estrogen in the body. Speaking of drugs, the same thing can happen with heavy marijuana use. No, I’m not advocating drug use; however, marijuana causes a reduction in circulating lev- els of male sex hormones, which may lead to breast enlargement. (As well as those mellow, love-makes-the- world-go-round feelings.) Hormones play a big role in determining how the breasts develop. As we move on, I will explain exactly how to tip your hormonal balance in a way that triggers breast growth. Fortunately, you don’t need harsh medica- tions or illegal drugs to do this! The same results can be accomplished safely and gently through the use of a few natural techniques. Before you put these techniques into use, though, it will be helpful for you to understand what your breasts are made of. Sugar, spice, and everything nice? I don’t think so! YOUR PHENOMENAL, ANATOMICAL BREASTS Pick up any magazine nowadays and you’d swear that nor- mal female breasts were made of saline and silicon. On the contrary, breasts are composed of glands, ducts, con- nective tissue, and fat. GLANDS Glands are the parts of your breasts that are responsible for milk production. We all have them; however, when boys reach puberty, their bodies produce hormones that prohibit further gland development. Developed glands are composed of tiny clusters of alveoli, which are hollow sacs that make and hold milk. In young women, the breasts are mostly made up of glandular tissue. The aging process, however, causes the glands to atrophy and be replaced with fat. DUCTS Connected to the glands are ducts, with form your breasts’ “plumbing system” and bring milk to the nipples. About fifteen to twenty ducts come together near the are- ola (the dark area around the nipple) to form ampullae.The ampullae are sacs that store milk before it reaches the 1 11 1 15 nipple surface.By the way, those little bumps on your are- ola aren’t pimples; they’re oil glands that release a lubri- cant to protect the nipples during nursing. CONNECTIVE TISSUE Connective tissue is a webbing-like substance that sup- ports the ducts and glands, giving shape and firmness to the breast. Connective tissue breaks down as you age, causing that sag we females dread most. Finally, your breasts are composed of a certain amount of fat. Your breast size is determined by both the amounts of glandular tissue and fatty tissue that your body has. HOT & HEAVY HORMONES Hormones have gotten a bad rep these days, but they’re not the bad guys. Sure they can cause your mood to change quicker than the speed of light, but you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them! Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate almost every activity in your body. Before hormones can bark an order, they have to latch onto an appropriate receptor site. Hormone receptor sites are like little parking garages built onto cells. Once the hormone parks itself into a receptor site, it’s free to enter the cell and tell the cell what to do.As far as your breasts are concerned, there are four hormones that matter most: estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and growth hormone. These hormones command your breasts to grow.